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Elected Officials 

The Common Council is the legislative body of the City of Oneida. There is one Councilor elected from each of the six wards.

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The Common Council adopts the laws, ordinances and resolutions that decide the policies of the City. It holds public hearings on various issues, receives requests from citizens, receives reports from department heads and committee chairpersons, approves budgets, and the payment of bills. Council Members attend Council meetings, committee meetings, and public functions. They investigate problems in their Ward, and try to find solutions to problems in their ward.

The Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Municipal Building, 109 N. Main Street. The public is encouraged to attend and join in on the discussion at Council Meetings.  

  A. Max Smith (361-1921)

Council Members

Ward 1  
  Brahim Zogby     
  315-439-0808     114 E. Sands St.

Ward 2   
  Michael Bowe

315-363-7922    102 Morgan Ln.

Ward 3   
  Erwin Smith    
  315-363-3145 346 Cleveland Ave.   


Ward 4   
 Helen Acker
    315-264-9221  321 Broad St.

Ward 5  
Jim Chamberlain
315-363-0999  610 W. Elm St.   jchamberlain@oneidacity.com 

Ward 6
  Thomas Simchik

   315-367-0205   1015 Tanner Rd.