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City of Oneida Assessors Office     

Lonnie Stedman
City Assessor
E-Mail:  Lonnie Stedman, City Assessor


The City of Oneida has announced that the deadline for STAR and Enhanced STAR, veterans, senior citizens, Agricultural and Non-Profit exemptions will be May 1.  This is for the City of Oneida only.  This applies to the locality where city/county taxes are paid and NOT the school district.  Call 363-7579 for more information.

STAR Registration Program

New legislation requires all homeowners receiving a Basic STAR exemption to register with the New York State Tax Department in order to receive STAR exemptions in 2014 and subsequent years. 

This is part of a new initiative to protect New Yorkers against the costs of inappropriate or fraudulent STAR exemptions.

The Assessor's Office is equipped with  GIS Mapping, Digital Photos and the lastest NYS Version 4 Software. The Assessor's Office prepares an Assessment Roll each year for the purpose of levying property taxes. The Assessor and staff maintain property records relating to ownership of property and the physical description of the property. The Assessor is responsible for placing an assessed value for the real property on the Assessment Roll. The office helps taxpayers with questions on their property tax and preparation of exemption applications for senior citizens, eligible fuds for veterans, farms, and business exemptions.

Assessment year focuses on May 1 (Taxable Status Date). Assessed value of property is based on the condition and use of the real property on that day. Changes in assessed values are mailed to property owners in May. Taxable Status Date is also the last day property tax exemption applications can be received by the Assessor.

The City of Oneida Board of Assessment Review meets on Grievance Day, the second Tuesday in June, to receive complaints of property tax assessment. Grievances must be written and received by the five person board, or the Assessor, on or before Grievance Day. The final assessment roll is completed and certified on August 1.

The City of Oneida's current Equalization Rate is 100%

EQUALIZATION RATE - An equalization rate is the state's measure of a municipality's level of assessment. This is the ratio of total assessed value (AV) to the municipality's total market value (MV) or AV/MV. The municipality determines the AV and the MV is estimated by NYS. An equalization rate of 100 means that the municipality is assessing property at 100 percent of market value. An equalization rate of less than 100 means that the municipality's total market value is greater than it's assessed value. An equalization rate of greater than 100 means that the total assessed value for the municipality is greater than its total market value.

RESIDENTIAL ASSESSEMENT RATIO - The ration of residential property assessed value (AV) and selling price (SP) at time of sale or AV/SP. A ratio of 1.00 means that property is selling for the assessed value. A ratio of less than 1.00 means property is selling for more than it is assessed for. And a ratio of greater than 1.00 means that property is selling for less than assessed value.

The City of Oneida's current Residential Assessment Ratio is 100%

LEVEL OF ASSESSMENT RATIO - The Level of Assessment (LOA) is simply the percentage of market value at which properties are assessed within a community. For instance, an LOA of 50% would indicate that assessments are at half of the market value; an LOA of 100% represents a community that is assessing at full value.

The City of Oneida's current Level of Assessment Ratio is 100%

109 N. Main St.
 Oneida, NY 1342

 Phone: (315) 363-7579
Fax: (315)363-9558

Office Hours:
8:00 - 4:00 Mon. - Thurs
 8:00 - 3:30 Friday

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